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Oiled Flooring Maintenance Guide

Maintaining an oiled floor is easy, fast and cost-effective and does normally not require any sanding. A simple cleaning of the surface is sufficient and the re-oiling can commence as soon as the surface is dry. Protecting your oiled floors is simple. By routinely cleaning, you remove dust and dirt before they scratch and dull the surface, or start to wear it away. Always keep the amount of water you use to a minimum when cleaning your oiled wood floors. If you spill food or drinks, wipe it up immediately, to prevent any permanent damage or staining. Sweep or vacuum-clean your oiled floors as often as needed. When your floor has an oiled finish, this means the floor is finished with UV oil. Wood finished by this method has a soft, natural sheen that mellows with age. The oil does not sit on the surface of the wood but rather sinks into the grain. As a result, the finish is more forgiving of scratches and scuffing, as oil or wax can be rubbed into small scratches, virtually erasing them.  This type of finish should provide you with years of protection against reasonable wear and tear. UV oiled floors will need to have  a maintenance re-coating of oil reapplied to them after a period of time. The frequency with which this is necessary will depend on the amount of wear on the floor and on your own preferences. High- traffic areas such as hallways may need more frequent applications.  

Daily/Regular Cleaning for Oiled Floors

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Spot Cleaning for Oiled Floors

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Quarterly Cleaning for Oiled Floors

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For all Annual maintenance service options, please contact Be Floored on 03 8640 0200 to discuss your options. We have a wide range of maintenance services available. 

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