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Floor care product for the day-to-day cleaning


Waterbased soap for oiled and waxed floorings. Cleans thoroughly and gently forms soap-layer. Removes heavy soiling and wax residue. Intensive cleaning allows the easy restoration of oiled floors without any sanding.


• Good cleaning effect

• Care effect thanks to oil replenishment


Range of use:

Suitable for the gentle, nourishing and therefore caring Maintenancecleaning of oiled and waxed floors. Removes stubborn dirt and prepares the flooring perfectly for subsequent impregnation with LOBASOL® HS oils.


Maintenance care and cleaning product basing on soap. Also available white pigmented for treating white tinted floorings.

Loba Parkett Soap - 1 Litre

  • Preparation: Remove loose dirt and dust in advance with a vacuum cleaner, brush or mop.

    Maintenance Cleaning: Mix approx. 50-100 ml ParkettSoap with 10l of water. Damp mop floor with a mop suitable for the surface. The use of too much water in combination with long exposure times might lead to swellings of cork and hardwood floors.

    Tip: When using ParkettSoap frequently for maintenance cleaning it will form a soap layer. By polishing up it will form a resistant care layer.

    Intensive Cleaning: Mix ParkettSoap in a ratio of 1:2 with water and wet the surface by using a spray can or mop. Immediately afterwards work the surface with a single disc machine and a LOBA Special-Pad green. Vacuum off dissolved dirt by using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, a mop or cloths. On larger areas work in sections. In order to reduce wood swellings only use as much water as required. Limit exposure time of the cleaning solution to a minimum.

    Tip: ParkettSoap can also be used for intensive cleanings of wooden decks and garden furniture. Therefore please regard description of the technical information of the product LOBASOL® Deck & Teak Oil.

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