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Ready to use, pH-neutral cleaner. Quick cleaning, dries without streaks

  • Less domestic waste thanks to refillable spray bottle
  • Excellent cleaning effect thanks to superb dirt-dissolving power
  • Can be used universally for all waterproof surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaner


Range of use: Suitable for cleaning all water-resistant surfaces such as hardwood floors, cork coverings, linoleum, PVC, stone flooring and other floor coverings. Also suitable for cleaning doors, tiles, walls, window frames, glass and plastic surfaces.

Loba Cleanfix

  • Open the pump spray head on the container and moisten the surface to be cleaned in sections. Then use the LOBATOOL wiper mop to work over the surface in loops. Replace dirty mop coverings or rinse under running water. Heavily soiled coverings can be washed in a washing machine at 60°C. Using too much water and allowing the product to work for too long can cause swelling of parquet and cork flooring and must therefore be avoided.

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