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Sanding & Levelling

Uneven floor base? We can pre-sand your plywood subfloor and level out your floors, assuring structural integrity is perfectly preserved. Following your timber layout, we can sand off your timber post-installation to smoothen and level it out for a clean-cut look.

Wash & Buff

Our wash and buff service can be completed prior to any staining or finishing services, or simply as a recurring service to assure your timber remains fully touched up.


Looking for a specific colour? Be Floored can stain your timber to maintain any pigmentation that may have been lost over time, or simply if you want to go for a new look.


We always recommend sealing your timber with a high-quality finish so as to assure your boards are well protected and last. With our years of experience, Be Floored can supply you with the highest-grade finishes in the industry as well as arrange an application schedule.

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