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WOCA Master Cleaner - 2.5 Litre


Master Cleaner is for those who prefer a quick and easy way of cleaning lacquered wood, vinyl and laminate floors. The soap removes dirt and grime effectively, strengthens the surface and makes it more resistant to spills. As the soap leaves no residue, it is perfect for surfaces where frequent washing of floors is necessary, such as kitchen floors.


You can also use Master Cleaner for painted floors, tiles and other non-absorbent surfaces.

WOCA Master Cleaner - 2.5 Litre

  • Wash particularly dirty floors/stubborn stains using WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner first.


    1. For daily cleaning, mix 125 ml Master Cleaner with 5 L of hot water.
    3. Wash the floor along the length of the floor covering.

    It is important that no water is left on the floor after cleaning.

    We recommend that the floor is maintained using WOCA Master Care twice a year. Using this product will smoothen small scratches and protect the surface against wear, extending the lifetime of the floor. Please read product instructions before use.

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