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Maintenance wax solvent-based. To protect oiled and waxed wooden floors. The floor is given a subtle gloss and is protected against moisture.


  • Protects the floor against water and dirt
  • Classic floor wax
  • Closes open pores in the wood


Easy to polish Range of use: Suitable care product for oiled and waxed parquet and hardwood floors.

Loba Parkett Wax

  • Newly laid multi-layer parquet

    freshly oiled and waxed flooring, as well as flooring impregnated with hard wax/oil. Apply ParkettWax in an even, thin layer with a lint-free cloth or sponge and then polish when dry.

    Worn floors with traces of use

    can be prepared with a thorough cleaning using LOBACARE® Cleaner or LOBACARE® ParkettSoap, and if necessary with mechanical equalisation using slightly abrasive pads (beige/green). Once completely dry, apply ParkettWax and polish.


    Larger areas

    can be treated using the SprayCleaner method. Apply ParkettWax by spraying it on and equalising it by machine (single-disc machine with pad disc in white). Floors treated with wax tend to become shiny, especially after thorough polishing. Wipe care measures with LOBACARE® WaxCleaner allow a slightly duller finish.


    Cleaning of tools: Clean tools with solvents such as brush cleaner. Drying time: The indicated drying times are valid for +20°C and 50% relative humidity, and assume careful, draught-free ventilation of the working area. Lower temperatures, higher relative humidity or poorer ventilation lead to longer drying times.


    Do not apply any protective coverings, wet clean the surface or lay carpet until the coating has achieved its final hardening. Product-specific data can be found in the relevant technical information.

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