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Highly concentrated wipe care product. Cleans and protects finished parquet, cork and many other types of flooring. 


  • Cleans and protects in one step
  • Universal range of use on many different types of flooring
  • Add to water
  • Mechanical application possible
  • Coefficient of friction
  • No basic cleaning necessary
  • Clearly visible effect
  • Can be used on floors that are usually critical concerning the adhesion


Floor must be free from dust and soilings. Remove loose dirt and dust in advance with a vacuum cleaner, brush or mop. For the maintenance cleaning mix approx.. 200-300ml CareCleaner with 10l of water.  In order to remove heavy soilings CareCleaner can be dosed higher. The Floor will be cleaned and maintained at once. Also suitable for floors that already have been treated with a acrylate dispersion care product. Please regard our general care instructions.

Loba Floor Cleaner - 1 Litre

  • Initial care: If it is not possible to execute an initial care with an acrylate dispersion like LOBA® ParkettCare, add 1l LOBA CareCleaner to 10l of water and apply on the cleaned surface and let dry. After drying the care layer can be polished.

    Maintenance cleaning (manually): Add 50 ml CareCleaner to 10L of water and wipe the floorings with a suitable mop. Allow the residual moisture to dry. Maintenance cleaning (mechanically): Add 25 ml CareCleaner to 10L of water. And clean floorings with a cleaning machine. In order to prevent an excessive foam generation in the storage basin we recommend to add LOBA® Entschäumer (Defoamer) as needed.

    By the using a direct suction the maintenance effect is largely repealed, let dry instead in order to achieve a sufficient maintenance effect.

    Caution: Do not flood the surface with the cleaning solution. Using too much water in combination with long contact time might lead to swellings of the substrate and has to be prevented.

    Basic Cleaning: CareCleaner can be removed with LOBA® CareRemover, for details see technical information of the product

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