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Ready to use acrylate dispersion. Protects finished and water-proof surfaces through a care layer from minor scratches and wear marks. Prevents premature wear and increases the lifetime actively. Enhances old dulled floors optically and brings new shine on floors.


FloorCare glossy & FloorCare matt: For finished hardwood-, cork-, linoleum-, PVC surfaces as well as unglazed stone and other water-proof surfaces. FloorCare glossy has a good resistant to alcohol and disinfectants.


FloorCare anti-slip: For hardwood floors finished with WS 2K Duo anti-slip R9. FloorCare red brown: Colored protection layer to refresh red and brown surfaces such as magnesite floors, colored spattling compounds, red wood planks and others.

Loba Floor Care Matt

  • Preparation: Floor must be free from dust and soilings. Remove loose dirt and dust in advance with a vacuum cleaner, brush or mop. Afterwards damp mop floor by using LOBA® CleanFix or LOBA® Cleaner. Residues of old careproducts must be entirely removed with LOBA® CareRemover. Therefor please also regard technical informations of the respective products. Information on Use: Shake material well. Apply FloorCare equally on clean, dry floor with a LOBATOOL Wischwiesel (approx. 30-40 ml/m²). On larger areas a wide-headed wiper mop or another suitable applicator can be used alternatively. Put some of the material on the floor and apply in equally thick coats.

    Do not put any pressure on the applicator, leave the applicator on the floor during the application, do not lift. Start on one side of the room and work from wall to wall to the other side of the room in direction to the door.

    Do not process the floor during the drying phase, this could lead to streakings. The floor can be carefully walked on after 1-2h.

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