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We understand that your floors are an investment and we want them to last. As timber is a beautiful, natural product, it is susceptible to aging. Looking after them with the correct maintenance and aftercare will ensure your floors will always look their best.

Be Floored offers comprehensive maintenance and care packages to best protect the longevity and luxury of your timber floors. From professional wash and buff services, at home maintenance and cleaning products, sanding, staining and polishing and re-furbishing old and damaged flooring to retain their value.


Investing in the aftercare of your beautiful new timber flooring will ensure it is kept looking fresh and will last even longer. Regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping will keep your floor clean but an annual professional wash and buff will keep the finish looking its best. 

What is a professional wash and buff?

  • We remove any loose dirt and grime by thoroughly vacuuming the area

  • We then use an industrial degreaser to help budge any baked-in dirt

  • We then use our professional buffing machine to brighten the finish and remove any scuff marks

  • Finally, we mop and dry the floor so you can see your sparkling new results

Weekly care

The aftercare of your timber flooring will depend on whether your timber has a lacquer or oil finish. Using the correct product will provide the best results and longest life.

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